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User Accounts

You must create an account on this Site in order to engage in certain behavior such as processing bookings and uploading content.  Your personal information associated with your user account is subject to our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy, please do not use this Site.

You are not permitted to create an account on this Site if you are a competitor of Project Expedition, if you are representing someone other than yourself, if you are using this Site for commercial purposes or if you are engaging in illegal activity.  Project Expedition reserves the right to cancel your account at any time and for any reason.

Accuracy of Information

This Site and all information and content within it cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.  Project Expedition will, to the best of its ability, confirm information directly with the respective source when possible.  All booking information, prices, photos, reviews, descriptions, coordinates, and any other content within this Site is subject to change upon confirmation of more current or more accurate information.  Please click on the Help tab displayed to the side of the screen if you are able to suggest more accurate information.

Contributing Content

Any content that you upload or contribute to the Site may be altered or modified at Project Expedition’s discretion. All content, including any photos, videos, user reviews, travel expert reviews, business information, product information or personal contributions may be used or distributed by Project Expedition for any reason, including sales, social media, marketing and advertising campaigns within the Site and external to the Site. Project Expedition will not compensate you or notify you if your content is used for any purpose.  You are also responsible for ensuring that you have the legal right to use and distribute the content you contribute to the Site. By using this Site and contributing content to it, you agree to these Terms of Use.  If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not use this Site or contribute content to it.

Viewing and Using Content

No content on this Site or on any Project Expedition affiliated product may be reproduced, copied, transferred, downloaded, scraped, databased or otherwise acquired or distributed without the written consent of Project Expedition.

Project Expedition goes through great lengths to ensure that all content within this Site is appropriate and that it meets necessary attribution requirements.  If you see any content that you believe should not be displayed on the Site, or if you see content that may infringe on existing intellectual property rights, please click on the Help tab displayed to the side of the screen and we will verify and update the content appropriately.

Product Information and Liability

All products marketed, advertised, listed or sold on this Site are promoted and operated by independent tour and activity suppliers (business or businesses).  Project Expedition is not liable for any consequence of inaccurate or misrepresented information about these products or businesses.  If you have questions or concerns about product information on the Site, please click on the Help tab displayed to the side of the screen and we will address your concerns as efficiently as possible.


You may pay with all major credit cards. 

Please see the section titled ‘Product Modifications, Cancellations and Refunds’ for any exclusions to this policy.  The amount of the deposit will be described and confirmed prior to check out.

Depending on the preference of the Business, you may be required to pay the full amount of your reservation at the time of booking or you may be required to pay a deposit.  If you pay the full amount up front, then the non-refundable deposit amount of the reservation will be displayed at check out.  If you only pay a deposit, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance of the reservation directly to the Business on the day of your reservation. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the full cost of the reservation. Your voucher will include the accepted payment types. 

Project Expedition processes all transactions in US Dollars.  If you are making a booking on Project Expedition with a foreign currency, you will be responsible for paying any foreign exchange conversion fees associated with the transaction.  Alternatively, if you are making a booking for a product that is listed in a foreign currency, the transaction will be for the US Dollar equivalent.  Because of currency fluctuations and relevant transaction fees, the value of products listed on our Site may be different than what you are charged at checkout.  Project Expedition will make a best effort to ensure that the prices that are advertised are as accurate as possible, but will not be liable for price fluctuations outside of Project Expedition’s control.

Price Matching

If you find a tour or activity on Project Expedition that is being sold at a lower Retail Price by the same tour operator, for the same tour, in the same currency, and for the same date, then Project Expedition will match that price. The Retail Price does not include any discounts, sales, promotions, or deals. Price Matching does not apply to transfers. Any service fees added by a travel agent are at the travel agent's sole discretion and will disqualify any reservation from a price match. All final Price Matching decisions will be made at the sole discretion of Project Expedition.

Booking Confirmation

When you make a reservation on Project Expedition, please allow up to 48 hours for the reservation to be confirmed by the business.  Your method of payment may be preauthorized, but you will not be charged until the reservation is confirmed.  If the reservation cannot be confirmed, you will be notified via email, you will not be charged and you may choose another product for your trip.


When you book a product on the Site, you will receive a voucher via email once your reservation is confirmed with the Business.  This voucher includes all pertinent information for your reservation, including a reservation code, and depending on the type of reservation made, the voucher will include the outstanding balance you will need to pay directly to the Business upon arrival and the businesses’ accepted forms of payment.  The voucher is required for your reservation and the Business may also ask you for identification for further confirmation.  Please read all information on the voucher and ensure that you are aware of any requirements for the day of the reservation.  All voucher information will also be available in your Traveler Profile.

Product Modifications, Cancellations and Refunds

If you need to request a modification, cancellation or refund on an existing booking, click on the Help tab displayed to the side of the screen immediately.  Please provide your reservation number and full details about your requested changes.

Project Expedition supports different cancellation policies so that businesses are able to provide you with a greater range of products.  Please be aware of the cancellation policy for your reservation before you finalize the transaction. 

If you have made a reservation and wish to modify it, then you will be subjected to the Business’s availability and their approval of the modifications.  Please click on the Help tab displayed to the side of the screen and provide your reservation number and what changes you wish to make.  We will do our best to work with the Business to meet your needs. If the modifications you requested cannot be fulfilled, then you may cancel your reservation under the following terms.

If you must cancel an existing reservation then your eligibility for a refund, less the deposit will depend on the cancellation policy for your specific reservation.  Each reservation has a ‘no-refund window’ which is a period of days leading up to the reservation date that no refund can be provided.  If you cancel in advance of this window then you are eligible for a full refund, minus the deposit and any applicable fees, otherwise you must forfeit the full cost of your reservation.  Project Expedition may preauthorize your credit card for the full amount of a reservation if you pay only a deposit at the time of a booking.

If your reservation was not fulfilled, then you must contact us within fourteen (14) calendar days following your reservation date.  Project Expedition will review your case and issue a full refund if it is determined that the reservation was not fulfilled due to no fault of your own.  If you do not report any issues within three calendar days following your reservation date, then Project Expedition may not be able to offer a refund.

Limitations of Liability

Businesses listed on the Site are third party entities and are not agents or affiliates of Project Expedition. Project Expedition is not liable for any injuries, sickness, accidents, delays, neglect, poor weather, negative consequence or expenses caused, made possible by, or associated with the Businesses, their products or their affiliates.

Travel insurance, passports, appropriate visas and necessary vaccinations are your responsibility.  Project Expedition is not responsible for any consequence of your failure to plan in advance. Please ensure that you are aware of all travel requirements prior to making any bookings on this Site or any other travel arrangements.

Project Expedition is not responsible for any damages, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of reputation or any negative consequence associated with the use of this Site or any Project Expedition product.

Local laws and regulations will always prevail over these Terms of Use, where applicable.

Personal Information

For some tour and activity reservations, Project Expedition may be required to pass along certain personal information such as your name, phone number and email address to the relevant business as part of the booking.  This information is to ensure that the Business can get in touch with you should any issues arise.  Under no circumstances will Project Expedition make public or distribute your personal information to any party not directly associated with a reservation you have made.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


Project Expedition reserves the right to terminate your account of any kind, at any time, for any reason.  Project Expedition will not tolerate the misuse of information, fraudulent or illegal activity, abusive behavior, spam, breach of intellectual property rights, inappropriate content, hacking and interference, web scraping or indexing of this Site.  Project Expedition may continue to use any content that you have contributed even after your account has been terminated.

Shore Excursions

Project Expedition offers Shore Excursions that provide additional benefits and protections to cruise passengers. All Shore Excursions on Project Expedition offer the Cruise-Friendly Refund Policy, but not all Shore Excursions offer the Back to Ship Guarantee. You are responsible for checking and understanding which policies apply to your booking(s). The details of each policy are as follows:

Cruise-Friendly Refund Policy
Shore Excursions with this benefit will offer a full refund if any of the following occur:
- Your cruise ship arrives late, and you miss your Shore Excursion as a result.
- Your cruise ship changes its date of arrival and it is not possible to reschedule.
- Your cruise ship skips port.
- Your cruise is canceled by the cruise line.
- You cancel prior to the Cancellation Deadline on your confirmation voucher.
In the event of a refund claim for one of these reasons, Project Expedition will verify the cruise ship’s actual itinerary before processing a refund. To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your claim in writing no later than 14 days after the scheduled date of the Shore Excursion.

Back to Ship Guarantee
Project Expedition guarantees that you will get back to your ship on time, provided that all of the following requirements apply:
- The Shore Excursion you booked offers the Back to Ship Guarantee.
- Your Shore Excursion is scheduled to end no less than 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your cruise ship. It is your responsibility to confirm your ship’s departure time prior to booking, in addition to re-confirming the ship’s itinerary on the day of the Shore Excursion.
- You have not changed or deviated from the original itinerary of the Shore Excursion that you booked on Project Expedition.
- The delay in returning to the ship was due to no fault or action of your own.
In the event that you are not returned back to your cruise ship before it departs, Project Expedition will cover up to USD $500 per person towards transportation and/or accommodation necessary to travel to the next port of call. Receipts are required for reimbursement.
All tour start times on Project Expedition are displayed in the local time of the port of call. Please note that some cruise itineraries may utilize a different time zone.