The Best Time to Travel to Central America

30 JUN 2016
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Let's assume that your boss will let you take your vacation days whenever you want next year - when is the best time to travel? If one of the many destinations in Central America is on your list, then all you need to know is dry season or rainy season.

And don't jump to conclusions! Just because it might be "rainy" doesn't mean that you will be walking around with an umbrella the entire time. There are some distinct advantages to traveling in either season, and here they are:

Costa Rica


Dry Season: December-April

During the dry season, you can have many adventures in Costa Rica. Enjoy zip-lining across the vast rainforests, canyoning or hiking. The dry season is the best time for all of these activities, and you're virtually guaranteed to have an amazing time. Humpback whales also migrate south to these warmer waters for the winter, so it's the perfect time to go whale watching.

Rainy Season: May-November

In the rainy season, scuba diving is extremely popular, as certain species such as manta rays, whale sharks and hammerhead sharks are in the area, which makes for a fantastic diving experience. The wetter months are also the best time to see sea turtles nesting on the North Caribbean coast from July-October.



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Dry Season: December-March

The dry season tends to be much hotter than the rainy season, but many prefer the sunshine despite the heat. Cave tubing is a great activity for the dry season, as sometimes the caves get washed out when it rains. It's also the best time to enjoy the beautiful beaches Belize has to offer.  

Rainy Season: May-November

Belize’s rainy season tends peak in August and September. The rain creates an incredibly lush landscape through those months, with vibrant greens fanning across the forest. It's a great time to see the Mayan ruins or even go scuba diving — the rain usually comes at night and won’t spoil your plans. Belize averages only about 8 inches of rain per month during the wet season, which isn't enough to cancel your trip.



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Dry season: November-April

The dry season is less severe in early December through February, and then it tends to get drier towards April. The dry season is the best time to go hiking on Nicaragua’s famous mountainous landscape, which is covered in volcanoes, or participate in a yoga class under the sun.

Rainy season: May-October

During the rainy season, the oceans of Nicaragua swell, providing the perfect weather for surfing. The ideal time to surf is from March-December, when the waves are large and provide great conditions. This time is optimal for both beginners and advanced surfers to catch some waves.




Dry season: December-April

During the dry season, travelers can enjoy Panama’s fantastic whale watching tours — March is the perfect month to see humpback whales as they journey to Central America. Visitors can enjoy bird watching with hundreds of species flying around or relaxing in the natural hot springs of Panama.

Rainy season: May-November

Panama’s geographic location gives it the advantage of never being in the path of a hurricane! During this season, travelers can enjoy watching ships pass through the magnificent locks of the great Panama Canal. Scuba diving is also a great activity for the rainy season - check out Coiba Island, which is among the best Pacific Ocean dive sites in the Americas. 




Dry Season: December-April

Honduras, specifically the island of Utila, is home to hundreds of whale sharks. During the dry season (especially in February), the population of whale sharks is at their peak and it's the best time to see these gentle, majestic creatures.

Rainy Season: May-November

The rainy season can’t stop travelers from enjoying an eco-tour of Honduras’ native mangroves along the Caribbean coast. These mangrove forests cover a huge area of 400 square miles and they are great for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike.



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Dry Season: November-April

Guatemala’s landscape is dotted by mountains and volcanoes, which create a very temperate climate. During the dry season, visitors can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, ziplining, and volcano climbing.

Rainy Season : May-October

During the rainy season there is plenty of Guatemala to see. You can go horseback riding through a nature resort, which will be lush and green from the rain. You can also enjoy snorkeling in the ocean, kayaking across Lake Atitlán, or even visit Mayan ruins.


El Salvador

best time

Dry Season: November-April

During the dry season ATV tours, or off-road tours, are the best time to see the natural beauty of the country because these roads can often be washed away during the rainy season. The weather is also a great time to hike up volcanoes and tour the national parks.

Rainy Season: May-October

During rainy season, get acquainted with the culture of El Salvador and its capital, San Salvador, by exploring the city and its colonial towns. You can also take a tour through coffee plantations and local breweries. Snorkeling in the beautiful waters of the Pacific is also a great rainy season activity.   


So when is the best time to visit Central America?

Any time! The dry seasons tend to always be more popular, but both seasons have their own advantages, so we advocate traveling when your schedule allows. In the peak season, you will enjoy drier, sunnier weather, but in the off-season, the landscapes are richer and the prices for airfare and hotels are significantly lower. So whether you go when it is sunny or rainy, we trust that you will fall in love with Central America!
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