9 Movies to Inspire Your Next Adventure

20 OCT 2015
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Sometimes movies are a form of escape, and sometimes movies make you want to escape and go on an adventure. We've picked out 9 movies that do the latter. We've also thrown in some tips so you can experience your own adventure.


Before Sunrise (1995)

Two twenty something strangers, an American man and a French woman, strike up a conversation on a train in the Alps. The conversation turns intimate while wandering the streets of Vienna. Something resembling love starts to form, but deep down they know they will never see each other again.
Experience it for yourself: A serendipitous encounter in a foreign land leading to a night you’ll never forget, that’s exactly why we travel. The most urban of places in Central America is Panama City. Head to the old city of Casco Viejo and see who you meet along the way.


The Beach (2000)

While backpacking in Thailand, a young man discovers that paradise exists on a beach not too far away. When he finally arrives it's just as beautiful as he imagined, but that's where the allusion to paradise ends.

Experience it for yourself: Being a backpacker and hanging out on a beautiful beach is almost always a great time, this movie is just an exception to the rule. If you're in Costa Rica, Montezuma has both beautiful beaches and laid back nightlife.


Chef (2014)

A disgraced chef takes a food truck from Miami to Los Angeles with his best friend and son. Filled with good music, great looking food, and easy going vibes, it's a great road trip movie.

Experience it for yourself: Taking your own road trip through Central America wouldn't be too hard to do. A few excellent roadside foods you'll have to try along the way are ceviche, bass marinated in lime and cooked with plenty of spices, and carimañolas, which is a fried dish with meat, eggs, yuca root, and spices inside the fried flaky exterior.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Three American brothers of various eccentricities journey across rural India in the hopes of tracking down their long lost mother.

Experience it for yourself: Assuming that most of us don't have family members hiding away in the jungles of Central America, it'd be hard to pull this sort of trip off. But, just like the Darjeeling Limited takes you across India, there's a train tour that takes you through the (much smaller) country of Panama, with historical and cultural stops along the way.


Into the Wild (2007)

A young man decides to abandon society and make a go of it on his own in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness.

Experience it for yourself: We all desire a break from the mundane routine our lives can fall into, but a complete break can often be quite dangerous. There are rustic hiking and camping opportunities available all over Central America. With a tour guide that can explain the landscape around you, you'll stay safe as well as gain a true understanding of the nature at play.


Lost in Translation (2003)

Two Americans unsure of their next move take in the completely foreign world of Tokyo after meeting in a swanky hotel bar.

Experience it for yourself: Okay, so no place in Central America can compare to Tokyo, but there are plenty of swanky hotels and bars. Try Las Clementinas in Panama City, or The Phoenix in Belize.


The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

Before Che Guevara was a revolutionary, he was an Argentinean med student. This is the story of a motorcycle trip across South America that changed the way he viewed the world.

Experience it for yourself: His destination throughout the movie is a leper colony in Venezuela where he plans to volunteer his medical services. There are opportunities to do a little social good in Central America as well. Here's a site that offers places that could use help in Guatemala and in Costa Rica. Here's another resource you can use as well.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou (2000)

3 escaped convicts head out across the deep south, with shades of a Greek Epic marking their journey.

Experience it for yourself: Besides using the original travel story "The Odyssey" as inspiration, what sets this movie apart is the music. In that spirit, head to the Jazz Cafe Escazu in San Jose for great live music. Here's a great article that details more of the live music options in Costa Rica.

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

A kid named Max runs away from home, and into the arms of a big fluffy monster named Carol and his group of monster friends. Max names himself their King, and they set out to build the world they always wanted to live in.

Experience it for yourself: Like Max, kids can be quite wild, especially on vacation. One activity that will be sure to release all that energy is zip-lining. There are options all around Central America for that, and over 42 different options for Costa Rica alone.


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