6 Adventure Activities that Won't Land You in the Hospital

02 SEP 2015
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Adrenaline dumps and extreme adventure activities are not for everyone. Most of us are not writing a book about the conditions of the hospitals in the various countries they visited. Some of us don’t aim to go back to work in a poorer condition than when we left for vacation. A lot of people don’t need to double check their health insurance before they leave (or maybe you do anyways, because you’re practical like that). This article is for the people less inclined to take risks. You don’t mind your heart beating a little more rapidly, only you don’t need it to be pounding away just to know it’s there. If this sounds like you, do not fret, there are still plenty of adventurous activities for you. And while they may not be the most exciting undertakings, your more boring friends may find your stories interesting.



Sierra Exif JPEG

Ever been snorkeling and think to yourself… “I wonder what’s really down there.. 10 feet below me.” Straight out of late 19th century sea exploration comes snuba, the completely necessary hybrid of snorkeling and scuba diving. Instead of personally maintaining and carrying around the oxygen tank on your back, the breathing regulator is prepared by an expert and floats on the surface. It’s the perfect middle ground for people who don’t like holding their breath, and those who want freedom to explore, but still like the idea of being tethered to something. Joking aside, snuba is a practical alternative for those who don’t have the time or money to go through the process of becoming a certified scuba diver. It can also serve as a gateway to committing to the process as well, as you learn the wonders of what lays in that mysterious 5-20 feet ocean depth. Snuba tours are popping up everywhere, and sometimes the places even let you wear one of these:


Cave tubing


Exploring a subterranean underworld has been a dream of mine that no horror movie will ever deter. What will deter me? Well, I guess I don’t really want to explore. I much rather just have it be presented to me. If snuba is a call back to the 19th century, cave tubing is totally the 21st century. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the views as you float through the tunnels of an underground waterway by a trustworthy guide. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the head lamp that you can use to peer around the interior walls of the ancient cave system. You’ll really feel like an intrepid pioneer in search of that secret stash of gold medallions, just a really comfortable one. Hey, if inner tubes were around way back when I’m sure the pirates of old would have used them too. If you want to try cave tubing, Belize is your best destination. They have a plethora of tour operators and caves to take advantage of.


Archaeological Exploration


History’s most well-known archaeologist, Indiana Jones, made us all believe that ancient ruins were filled with booby-traps. He also survived a nuclear explosion in a refrigerator, so maybe let’s not look to him as a paradigm of truth, okay? Sorry, I’ve just been burned one too many times doing that. In reality, when you go on an archeological exploration what you’re definitely going to see is some really old, really cool things, and probably no booby traps. For the readers who are disappointed, you’re still reading this? Did you even read the title? Okay, now that they’re definitely gone I can speak to my core audience. With archeological explorations you’ll spend a few hours looking at rocks! Or things that used to be something else, but are now rocks! A knowledgeable guide will be on hand to give you all the information your big brain can handle. You may be in a jungle, or a field, or a cave, but no matter what, it’s going to be exciting, I promise.


Eco Tours


The world has been quite good to us, it’s nice to return the favor. An eco tour is an excellent way to see and appreciate a beautiful setting and its biodiversity in a responsible and sustainable way. This is not the tour for those who want to feed a tiger or ride an elephant. You keep a safe distance between you and the wildlife, although the insects don’t tend to be quite as gracious. Don’t mind them, they’re just like that. Sometimes these tours include a lot of walking or biking, but if you’re in Costa Rica the only fear-inducing thing you may come across are the hanging bridges. You know what though, you’ve crossed hundreds of bridges in your lifetime, you’re much braver than you give yourself credit for. Plus, you’re doing a good thing for the environment. Good for you!




The most pulse pounding activity on this list, mostly because of the height involved. As you ascend into the sky, besides the um, restrictive nature of the harness, parasailing becomes very peaceful. You glide through the air and are presented with incredible views of your surroundings. This is must what a bird must feel like, you may think to yourself. Oh, to be able to fly. But just in case that thought also fills you with panic, just look down and see the rope that leads to the boat. It’s still there. You’re not a bird. Bird’s don’t use ropes. You will be back on land soon, thanks to that rope. Now, get back to enjoying the view and the breeze through your hair. Parasailing is usually available wherever there are both tourists and water, so I think looking around beaches will be a good place to start.


Bird Watching


Have you ever played the game I spy? That was fun, right? It takes grit, focus, patience, determination, awareness, and practically no physical activity. Bird watching, or birding for those in the know, is like a real life version of I-Spy. Except when you win you don’t get absolutely nothing like in I-Spy, instead you receive the thrill of seeing a rare majestic creature, one of the few species where outer beauty is integral to their survival, like Donald Trump. When you go back home you’ll be able to tell who your real friends are if they get excited when you tell them how you saw a harpy eagle in Panama. Dedicated readers know I’ve written about them before, but I never will turn down the opportunity to post a picture of this bird. Just look at it! The friends who pass this off as no big deal are clearly not your friends, but just remember they’re not bad people. They are merely people who have never been bird watching, or birding as you now call it, and just need to be enlightened. Tell them more about the birds you saw, maybe that will work.


So don’t worry, there are plenty of adventurous activities for the less adventurous amongst us. For those who were afraid that there were no fun activities for them before, that’s most likely just your natural state of being, so this article probably hasn’t done anything to help ease your fear. Sorry, nothing I can do about that. Hope you enjoyed reading this anyways!



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